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A Day When Gawker is More Interesting Than Page Six

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Apr. 16th, 2006 | 06:45 pm

I hate to admit it,
but I will:
the whole Jared Paul Scandal thing
has completely eclipsed Page Six itself.
Yes I read it at the crack of dawn this morning
and while I wish I could say it was a better read
than Gawker.com, the truth is it's not.

I hope this changes soon,
but until it does I have to face the facts that
Bret Ratner's problems with his childhood friends
cannot compete with the circus Jared has created
over at Gawker where this weekend
he did a weekend stint writing about himself
and Ron Burkle.

Jared Propaganda Cartoon by Tony Millionaire

At one point it was a fascinating slow speed car chase,
befitting of a site called Gawker.
Jared incessantly posted one ridiculous thing after another
while nasty posters became more and more enraged
at the ex-Page Six freelancer
who will never never get his job back.

The problem started actually yesterday
but heated up when Jared started deleting
and in some cases changing the commenters posts.
I'd be shocked if that site weren't the talk of the town tomorrow
when Monday - Friday editors Jessica and Jesse return.

In a nutshell the posters kept ribbing Jared
about what a fool he is and hinting about his
gay past at Bennington and his wife's lesbian history.

Jared's lawyer must be livid at him
for exposing himself as such a kook.

Do you remember a few weeks back
when Jared said he couldn't defend his judgement?
And then he backtracked and said he was set up?

Well I cannot imagine how he can defend his judgement today
and I cannot see how he can say he was set up.

At one point the guy who publishes Gawker.com
got on-line and corrected Jared,
telling the readers that all comments are anonymous.
Oh it is just too much.

It's so surreal that I cannot even explain
what happened in any coherent way.

Until tomorrow...

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