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Business as Usual

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Apr. 13th, 2006 | 07:26 am

I pray to the Gossip Gods
that today will be the last day
I ever mention that tawdry Jared Paul Stern scandal
but I doubt it is possible.
But in a nutshell this is what hit the fan
of Page Six:

* If you are a hooker and have to meet up with Aaron Sorkin
chances are you'll only be asked to smoke weed and
have your lingeried thigh stroked by the creator of West Wing;

* Eighteeen year old Liam McMullan (sone of photographer to the stars
Patrick McMullan) wants to be an actor;

* Josh Holloway, a star from Lost, has thought about dumping his wife
now that his TV show is a hit;

* The New York Times is bidding a fine farewell to
its pathetic gossip column Bold Face Names starting tomorrow
but it is not in response to the whole Jared Paul Stern problem
that is plagueing Richard Johnson.
Year right.

Page Six explains "Times Executive Editor
Bill Keller made the announcement yesterday
in an e-mail to staffers in which he noted,
"By the way, conspiracy theorists will undoubtedly
connect this with the bonfire at Page Six.
For the record, [Metro Editor] Joe Sexton suggested,
and we agreed, that Boldface had run its course
several weeks [years?] ago."

Until Tomorrow.

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