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The Return of Richard Johnson

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Apr. 12th, 2006 | 08:15 am

Sessa and Richard Johnson in Happier Days

All praise be to the Gods.
Richard Johnson has returned.
I am thrilled!

While I wish Richard were reporting about the
Page Six Scandal, today I have to be satisfied with knowing that

Blonde Momshell Dina Lohan

* LINDSAY LOHAN's Mom uses the bathroom with another person
in the same stall and bitches out anyone who tries to rush her.
What on earth is a 40-something woman doing in that bathroom
with another person?

* John "Aidan of Sex and the City" Corbett doesn't want to be
photographed with his "girl" Bo Derek;

* Born again STEPHEN BALDWIN has put his 7 bedroom Nyack manse
on the market. Though he claims to still be fighting
the opening of a nearby porn palace, he is living his "cottage."

* Former NJ Governor JIM MCGREEVEY is dating someone named Mark O'Donnell.
By chance is that Rosie's brother?

While the Page Six scandal that I have been obsessed with seems
to be calming down a bit, the New York Times
has two articles about it today.

One by William K. Rashbaum
says that prosecuting Jared will be tough
since it will require action by US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez.

Another by Campbell Robertson
details how Jared and Burkle got acquainted with each other during July 2005
when they were introduced to each other face to face by Paolo Zampolli, the president of ID Models.

It would appear that Jared is now giving the Times info about how the two
finaly came to meet to discuss extortion (Burkle's claim) or investing in
Skull & Crossbones (Stern's claim).

Until tomorrow.

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