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Jenny Shimizu's Lesbian Love of Angelina Jolie

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Apr. 19th, 2006 | 07:26 am

I'm begining to think that
the problem with Page Six lately
is that all the good new gossip
is now in the main part of the Post
rather than on Page Six.

What we Page Six afficionados
are left with is the D-List gossip.

The birth of TomKat's new baby girl, Suri
is on the cover of the Post today
which is a shame.
The regular writers over there aren't covering this story
nearly as well as Richard Johnson would have
so instead we have to survive the day by focussing on:

* Angelina Jolie's ex-lover, Jenny Shimizu,
the 1990s lesbian model who to this day
brags about the passionate affair she had with Angelina.
Today, Page Six talks about the heroin overdose
of one of Jenny's friends who bought heroin
for Jenny and sent it to the set of the film Firefox
in which both Jenny and Angelina starred in;


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