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A Suicidal Eminem

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Apr. 15th, 2006 | 08:53 am

A Goofy Photo of Marshal Mathers

Apparently the murder of his best friend
and the demise of his second marriage to Kim
has taken their toll on Eminem.
His friends now have him on suicide watch.

Elsewhere on Page Six today,
we learn that:

* Real Estate Developer SHELDON SOLOW
took a big snip out of FREDERICK FEKKAI's hair
when both were having their hair cut.
Fekkai didn't know it happened and now has a big
gash on the back of his hair-do.
If you believe this is true, I'd like to see you a bridge;

* MEG RYAN has told Allure Magazine that
Dennis Quaid cheated on her.
Can you imagine being their child?
Both parents claim the other cheated.
Even if it were true, it must suck to be
Jack Quaid.

The rest of what I learned today is too boring to recount.

Until tomorrow...

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