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Mike Tyson Leaving Rehab

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Apr. 14th, 2006 | 07:18 am

Iron Mike Tyson Smiling with an Elaborate Tatoo

I like Mike but apparently he recently bolted
from cocaine rehab after only four days.
I wish someone could save that guy.

I also wish there anything remotely interesting on Page Six today.
All I found that I could possibly mention is that

* Jerry Seinfeld and his daughter Sasha are dangerous on bikes.
They almost hit someone I never heard of yesterday.

* Disgraced NYSE head honcho Dick Grasso expensed everything
through petty cash including pretzels and lint brushes;

* LL Cool J is publishing a fitness book. Yawn;

* People magazine will publish photos of The Donald's new son, Barron; and

* "SUFFERING and humans go hand in hand.
Look at comedy: It's dominated by black people and Jewish people.
That is American comedy. And if blacks and Jews didn't do comedy,
we'd be relying on the Irish. 'Cause they were the next funniest thing"
- Dave Chappelle, Esquire . . .

Until Tomorrow...

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