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The Calm After the Stern Storm

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Apr. 11th, 2006 | 08:44 am

Weisel Writer Jared Paul Stern
on his retro black phone
in the library of his Catskills home

Finally Jared is off the front page of the Daily News
which today focussed on the Casanova Cop
who constantly cheated on his wives
and was yesterday shot by his third wife
who just happens to be one of four cops
involved in a shoot yesterday.
With a little luck this mess will end and my life
can return to reporting on what's what with America's favorite
gossip column.

On Page Six, which is today covered by
Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson (who's been missing for days)
we learn that:

* JENNIFER ANISTON is looking for a Chicago home with Vince Vaughn;

* CHER who just finished her three year long farewell tour
is about to relauch herself in Vegas with another tour;

* JENNIFER LOPEZ is suing her first husband for being a blabber mouth.
Apparently he is trying to sell a tell-all book about her
despite their legal agreement not to talk about each other;

* Sin City director Robert Rodriguez is taking up with ROSE MCGOWAN.

I don't know there.
There are alot of other things reported there,
but I just don't care anymore.

I hope I can keep up, updating this blog
when in fact Page Six itself (though not the scandal) has begun
to bore me.

Until tomorrow.

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