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Boring me to Tears

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Apr. 18th, 2006 | 07:55 am

Stephen Baldwin: Another Long Island Bully
Or should I say Wrong Island Bully?

I have lost my will to publish this journal.
The whole Jared thing has deflated my bubble.

But here goes:

Today we learned that:

Stephen Baldwin has a cash crunch.
Who cares?
Those Baldwin boys are nothing but nasty.
I once talked to one on the Howard Stern radio show
and he was a bully.
A Baldwin bully;

Sarah Furguson may be dating a Cipriani.

Bijou Philips who once tried to cut someone's finger off
using a cigar cutter, is disappointed that people in LA
think the DaVinci Code is high literature;

Mary J. Blige (whom I love) thinks God wants her to wear Diamonds

But but but (and this gives me real hope that Page 6 will
survive the scuzzy scandal of JP Stern,
today we learn that

Someone (as in some Scientologists) tried
to skew the Parade magazine poll
about whether Tom Cruise or the media
is responsible for all the bad press TomKat is getting.
Turns our that thousands of votes came from one computer alone.
And thousand of others votes came from a handful of other computers.

I am hopefully that soon we will forget the name
of that Bennington Bullshit arrtist
and return to enjoying reading Page Six.

With hope I will tune in tomorrow....

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